Mollificio Fumagalli Fara Gera d’Adda

Materials and Warehouse

The steel used to produce our springs is a ductile, flexible and highly resistant material. Both carbon steel and stainless steel are used to make springs of all types and sizes. We also process steel alloys whose peculiarity is to resist and develop higher performances: their non-deformability and inalterability are the guarantee for the proper functioning of each element. We process materials such as:
  • Carbon steels according to UNI EN 10270-1 (SM, SH and DH) also in pre-galvanised and bezinal versions;
  • Stainless steels according to UNI EN 10270-3 (1.4310, 1.4568 and 1.4401);
  • Oil prehardened alloyed steels according to UNI EN 10270-2 (FD, TD and VD);
  • Chrome-silicon alloyed annealed steels 52SiCrNi5 – 60SiCr8 – 50CrV4;
  • Copper, brass and bronze alloys.

Always synonymous with high quality and competence, the company serves numerous Italian and European industries.

We also have a large raw material warehouse to guarantee the production and requirements of our customers and partners.

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